Sales Onboarding Activities Minute



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[10:00 AM to 12:00 PM]


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[Employee Name, Position]

[Employee Name, Position]

I. Activities Minute

Note: Information on activities minutes are based on topics discussed. For full information please refer to Recording [031050] to Company Archives.

1. Introduction to Onboarding Program

The purpose of our onboarding program is to provide new sales team members with a smooth and informative transition into their roles. Our goal is to ensure that they are well-prepared to excel in their positions and contribute to the success of our team.

2. Review of Company Values and Culture

Our company's core values, including integrity, customer-centricity, and innovation, drive everything we do. We foster a culture of collaboration and continuous learning, and it's essential for our new team members to align with these values.

3. Product/Service Training

New sales team members will receive comprehensive training on our products/services, including features, benefits, and use cases. This training will equip them to confidently communicate the value of our offerings to clients.

4. Sales Techniques and Strategies

Sales techniques such as consultative selling, relationship building, and objection handling will be a focus during the onboarding. We'll delve into various strategies to approach different customer segments effectively.

5. Role-Specific Training

Different positions within our sales team require unique skill sets. For example, account executives may have different training needs compared to inside sales representatives. We'll tailor the training to match these roles.

6. Sales Tools and Resources

Our team will have access to a range of sales tools and resources, including CRM systems, sales enablement platforms, and marketing materials. Familiarizing themselves with these resources is critical to their success.

7. Upcoming Training Schedule

In the coming weeks, we have a structured schedule of training sessions, workshops, and mentorship opportunities. These will cover topics such as objection handling, product demos, and live customer interactions.

8. Questions and Discussion

During this portion of the meeting, our new team members are encouraged to ask any questions or share their thoughts. Open and transparent communication is vital in our company culture.

II. Action Items

  • HR to provide new hires with access to the learning management system.

  • Sales managers to schedule one-on-one role-specific training sessions.

  • New hires to complete the assigned pre-training reading material.

III. Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for [Month Day, Year] where we will dive deeper into role-specific training.

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