Sales Onboarding Progress Minute

Sales Onboarding Progress Minute

Date/Time: [October 25, 2050 - 10:00 AM]

Employee Information


[Employee’s Name]


[Sales Associate]

Hire Date:

[October 15, 2050]

Key Objectives

Understand Company Products and Services

Master Sales Techniques

Familiarize with Sales Tools (CRM, Sales Database)

Develop Effective Sales Pitch

Complete Sales Compliance Training

Enhance Customer Relationship Skills

Progress Made

Completed Product Training on [October 20, 2050]

Attended Sales Techniques Workshop on [October 22, 2050]

Initiated CRM Training, [50%] complete

Delivered a Successful Sales Presentation to [Your Company Name] on [October 23, 2050]

Started Compliance Training, [30%] complete

Improved Communication with Customers, as noted in feedback

Challenges Faced

Difficulty in navigating the CRM system

Overcoming objections during sales pitches

Time management while balancing multiple training modules

Next Steps

  1. Complete CRM training by [November 5, 2050]

  2. Continue Compliance Training, aim to finish by [November 10, 2050]

  3. Schedule role-play practice for objection handling

  4. Work on time management and prioritize tasks effectively

Mentor/Manager Feedback

Employee is making good progress and has demonstrated strong presentation skills. We need to continue working on CRM navigation and objection handling. Time management can be improved with practice.

Action Plan

  1. Schedule regular check-ins with Employee to monitor progress

  2. Provide additional one-on-one CRM training to address navigation challenges

  3. Arrange for role-play sessions to further improve objection handling skills

  4. Encourage Employee to proactively seek help with time management and task prioritization



Salesperson: [John Smith]


Mentor/Manager: [George Harris]

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