Sales Minute of Contract Approval Meeting

Sales Minute of Contract Approval Meeting

Date: May 10, 2050

Location: Main Conference Room, [Your Company Name] Headquarters


[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]


  • Review of Proposed Sales Contracts

  • Discussion on Contract Terms & Conditions

  • Final Approval/Rejection of Contracts

Proposed Sales Contracts Overview:

Contract ID

Client Name




[Your Client Name]


12 Months


[Your Client Name]


8 Months


[Your Client Name]


10 Months

Discussion Highlights:

  1. Contract 001: [Name] raised concerns regarding the payment terms stipulated in the draft. After deliberation, the team decided to revise the payment schedule and then proceed with approval.

  2. Contract 002: [Name] confirmed the financial standing of [Your Client Name] as sound. The contract terms seemed favorable, and it received unanimous approval from the committee.

  3. Contract 003: [Name] presented the beneficial terms of this contract. However, a need to clarify the service delivery timeline was identified. The contract will be revised accordingly before final approval.


  • Contract 001: Pending revision of payment terms.

  • Contract 002: Approved.

  • Contract 003: Pending revision of service delivery timeline.

Next Steps:

  1. [Name] has to oversee the necessary revisions for Contract 001 by May 15, 2050.

  2. [Name] is to coordinate with the client and finalize the service delivery timeline for Contract 003 by May 12, 2050.

  3. Next approval meeting is scheduled for May 20, 2050

This minute serves as a formal record of the Contract Approval Meeting conducted on May 10, 2050. All attendees are advised to take note of the decisions made and the next steps outlined above.

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