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Sales Compliance Document for International Contracts

Sales Compliance Document For International Contracts


A. Purpose

This Sales Compliance Document aims to define the rules, responsibilities, and guidelines that must be followed in the conduct of international sales contracts between [Your Company Name] and external parties. It serves as a comprehensive guideline to ensure that all international sales are performed within the bounds of applicable laws and regulations.

B. Scope

This document applies to all employees, contractors, and third-party agents representing [Your Company Name] in any international sales dealings. It encompasses activities across a broad range of international regions, thereby requiring strict attention to compliance standards.

Legal Framework

A. Governing Law

All international contracts must be governed by United States Federal Law unless specified otherwise. This decision is made to centralize legal processes and simplify conflict resolution.

B. Compliance with Local Laws

Parties must adhere to the laws of the jurisdiction where the product or service is being sold. It's imperative to consult local legal advisors to ensure full compliance with local and international laws.

Sales & Pricing

A. Currency

All transactions will be conducted in U.S. Dollars (USD). This standardizes transactions and mitigates the risks associated with fluctuating exchange rates.

B. Taxes & Duties

Parties are responsible for paying all taxes, duties, and levies as per the rates prevailing in the respective countries. This ensures fair trade practices and minimizes the risk of legal complications.


Tax Rate





Payment Terms

A. Payment Schedule

Payments are to be made in [0] installments as per the following schedule:

  • Upon signing: 25%

  • Mid-project: 25%

  • Pre-delivery: 25%

  • Post-delivery: 25%

This payment schedule allows for better cash flow management for both parties.

B. Payment Methods

Acceptable payment methods are:

  • Wire Transfer

  • Credit Card

  • PayPal

These methods are secure and widely accepted, ensuring the ease of transaction for all parties involved.


A. Required Documents

The following documents must be presented for successful completion of the transaction:

  • Signed Sales Contract

  • Tax Identification Number

  • Proof of Payment

Failure to provide any of these can result in delays or termination of the contract.

B. Record-keeping

All records should be kept for at least [0] years. Accurate and comprehensive record-keeping is critical for auditing purposes and legal protections.

Export & Import Control

Compliance with all export and import laws is mandatory, including but not limited to, United States Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Ignorance of these laws is not considered an excuse for non-compliance.

Auditing and Monitoring

Routine audits will be conducted annually. Non-compliance could result in contract termination. Auditing is part of our ongoing commitment to uphold high standards of integrity and accountability.

Sanctions & Penalties

Failure to adhere to the compliance requirements may result in sanctions or penalties, up to and including termination of the contract. This ensures that there's a system in place to enforce and uphold the rules outlined in this document.

Violation Type

Penalty Amount


Late Payment



Data & Security Measures

All parties must adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the United States Privacy Act. Violation of data protection rules can result in hefty fines and reputational damage.

Review and Revision Procedures

This document will be reviewed bi-annually and updated as required. Input from legal advisors and key stakeholders will be solicited during the review process.

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