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Create a Professional Agreement Document Online in Minutes. Choose’s Free Agreement Templates That You Can Edit and Print with Fillable Content You Can Replace or Customize, such as Mutual Assent, Offer and Acceptance, Adequate Consideration, Capacity, and Legality.See more

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  • Cleaning Company Service Agreement Template

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  • six steps on how to write an effective agreement

    Free Agreement Template, Printable, Download’s professionally-made agreement templates give you a ready-made document with provisions that are legally binding between parties with written provisions for non-disclosure (NDA), concurrence, and accordance. These agreement samples are useful for independent contractors, partnerships, and loans, leases, or rentals for operating heavy equipment. Choose from simple, basic, or professional samples and use them with letters of intent and other legal forms.

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    Choose from editable agreement samples for personal loans, general cleaning services, child care services, equipment rental services, loan payments, or small business agreements. Pick from blank, simple, easy, basic, or formal samples that you can fully edit or customize with our document editor tool. Replace content according to your specific needs, including suggestive headings, text, and fonts. Change the format or layout, and add provisions for a notarized copy to ensure a legally-binding document. Do all these with our free templates that you can download easily for immediate printing or online sharing.



  • What is a Business Contract?

      It is a document that imposes specific duties and responsibilities on the involved parties on their agreement to contract terms and conditions. It is a legal binding within which the parties step in with their will for monetary gains and profits. Such documents are time-bound for a specific period. 

  • What are the Components of a Contract Agreement?

      • A preamble states agreement title, execution date, and the involved parties. 
      • Definitions of mutual contract terms. 
      • Consideration of the agreement subject.
      • Representations and warranty on the validity of the facts stated.
      • A promise to undertake actions before consummation of the agreement.
      • Clauses and conditions
      • Provisions and remedies
      • Signatures

  • What is the Purpose of a Contract Agreement?

      The purpose of a contract is to communicate the contract subject, duties and responsibilities, and other details stating the desired outcome to other parties. It is used to create a legal obligation for both ends to perform their specific tasks and help each other to achieve the set objective.  

  • When a Contract Becomes Null and Void?

      A contract is null and void from the time of its creation if it is not enforceable on the parties involved. A void contract contains unlawful consideration or object, or while signing it, the party representative was not of sound mental health. 

  • What is the Difference Between a Contract and Agreement?

      • A contract is a formal arrangement and is enforceable by law on the parties involved. An agreement is usually informal and is not applicable.
      • A contract may be enforceable in a law court, but an agreement has no legal consequences on missing any of the necessary elements of a contract.