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Sales Survey on Contract Clarity


At [Your Company Name], we continually strive for complete transparency and clarity in our contractual agreements with our customers. To improve this area of our service, we are conducting a comprehensive survey to gather insights into how well our contract terms are understood by our clients.

The objective of this survey is to identify areas where our contract might lack clarity, thereby allowing us to make necessary adjustments for better comprehension and customer satisfaction.

Instructions: Please fill out the survey below. Use the following scale for your responses:

1: Strongly Disagree

2: Disagree

3: Neutral

4: Agree

5: Strongly Agree

Question Statement

Rating Scale (1-5)

Comments (Optional)

The overall contract is easy to understand.

The contract’s objectives are clear.

Payment terms are explicitly stated.

Legal jargon is adequately explained in simpler terms.

Renewal terms are straightforward.

The contract outlines what is expected from both parties.

Termination clauses are clear and understandable.

The contract does not contain any hidden clauses.

I am satisfied with the level of clarity in the contract.

I would recommend this contract to others based on its clarity.

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Thank you for participating! Please return the completed survey to [Your Company Email] or [Your Company Address].

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