Sales Trade Show Exhibitor Questionnaire

Sales Trade Show Exhibitor Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to understand your experiences as an exhibitor at a sales trade show, and improve our future events. Your responses are valuable and we appreciate your time and effort in completing this. For each question, please select the most appropriate answer, or provide a descriptive response where indicated.

Trade Show Details

Trade Show Name:

Date(s) of the Trade Show:

Exhibitor's Name:

Booth Number/Location:

Expected Footfall/Traffic:

  1. Product/Service Information

a. Briefly describe your main product/service.


b. What are the key features or unique selling points of your offering?


c. Do you have any special promotions or offers planned for the trade show?


  1. Goals & Objectives:

a. What is your primary goal for participating in this trade show?


b. Who is your target audience at the event?


c. How will you measure success or effectiveness at the trade show?


  1. Booth Preparation & Presentation:

a. What is your plan for booth setup and design?


b. Do you have a schedule for demos or presentations at the booth?


c. What materials or resources will you have available at your booth?


  1. Logistics & Follow-Up:

a. What logistical needs do you have for the trade show (electricity, Wi-Fi, etc.)?


b. How will you collect feedback from visitors during the event?


c. What is your plan for post-trade show follow-up with leads or contacts?


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