Sales Resolution to Increase Trade Show Budget

Sales Resolution to Increase Trade Show Budget

Resolution No.: [Number]

Date: [Month, Day, Year]

WHEREAS, [Your Company Name] acknowledges the paramount importance of trade shows in fostering business growth, enhancing brand visibility, and engaging directly with target markets; and

WHEREAS, the feedback from sales teams, marketing analytics, and industry trends underscore the high ROI potential of well-executed trade show participation; and

WHEREAS, the current budget allocated to trade show participation has proven insufficient in maximizing opportunities for business development, networking, and competitive positioning;

BE IT RESOLVED THAT, the Executive Board of [Your Company Name] hereby approves an increase in the trade show budget for the fiscal year [20xx-20xx]. The specifics of the budget increase are as follows:

  1. Total Budget Increase: The total budget for trade show participation shall be increased by [25%] compared to the fiscal year [20xx-20xx]. This adjustment accounts for anticipated costs related to booth design, marketing materials, travel, and accommodation for staff, as well as any additional expenses that may arise from enhanced engagement activities.

  2. Strategic Allocation: The increased budget shall be strategically allocated across a select number of trade shows that align with [Your Company Name]'s core business objectives, target markets, and growth strategies. Priority shall be given to events that offer the highest potential for lead generation, industry partnerships, and brand exposure.

  3. Performance Metrics: To ensure the effectiveness of the increased trade show budget, [Your Company Name] will implement a comprehensive performance measurement system. This system will track key metrics such as lead generation, conversion rates, customer engagement, and overall ROI from each trade show participation.

  1. Responsibility and Oversight: The Sales and Marketing departments shall be jointly responsible for the planning, execution, and evaluation of trade show activities. A bi-annual review will be conducted by the Executive Board to assess the impact of the increased budget on [Your Company Name]'s business objectives and to make any necessary adjustments for future allocations.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT, this resolution shall take effect immediately upon its adoption, ensuring [Your Company Name] is well-positioned to leverage trade show participation as a pivotal component of its growth strategy.

Adopted by the Executive Board of [Your Company Name] on this [Day] of [Month, Year].

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