Sales Rubric for Selecting Trade Shows to Attend

Sales Rubric for Selecting Trade Shows to Attend

This rubric is designed to optimize trade show participation, aligning it closely with [Your Company Name]'s strategic business goals and ensuring the best return on investment.

Evaluation Criteria & Scoring System



Score (1-5)


Target Audience Alignment


How well the trade show’s attendee profile matches our target customer demographics and buyer personas.

Industry Relevance


The trade show’s significance within our industry, including the presence of key players and competitors.

Geographical Location


The trade show's location in relation to our key markets and the logistical ease for our team to attend.

Historical Performance


Past participation results, including leads generated, sales closed, and overall ROI from this event.

Networking Opportunities


The potential for meaningful networking with industry professionals, potential partners, and influencers.

Educational Content


The quality and relevance of workshops, seminars, and keynote speeches in relation to our business needs and objectives.

Cost Efficiency


The overall cost of participation, including booth fees, travel expenses, and any additional costs, against the expected ROI.

Scoring Guide

  • 1-2: Low priority; does not meet key criteria for participation.

  • 3: Medium priority; meets some criteria but requires further investigation.

  • 4-5: High priority; strongly aligns with our business objectives and target audience.

Decision Making Process

Total Score




High priority

Proceed with planning and budget allocation.


Medium priority

Consider based on budget availability and strategic fit.

Below 40%

Low priority

Not a priority; focus resources on higher-scoring opportunities.

Implementation and Review

  • Implementation: Sales and Marketing teams collaboratively use this rubric to evaluate upcoming trade shows, compiling detailed reports for each evaluated trade show, documenting scores and decision justifications.

  • Review and Adjustment: Annually reviewed and adjusted based on team feedback, changes in business strategy, and market landscape shifts.

This rubric ensures [Your Company Name] invests in trade shows that are most likely to yield high returns, align with strategic goals, and effectively engage the target audience.

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