Sales SLA for Event Management Services

Sales SLA for Event Management Services

This Sales Service Level Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into on [Month, Day, Year] ("Effective Date") by and between:

Party A

Company: [Your Company Name]

Address: [Your Company Address]

Contact: [Your Company Email]

Party B

Company: [Client Company Name]

Address: [Client Company Address]

Contact: [Client Company Contact Email]

I. Scope Of Services

Party A agrees to provide comprehensive event management services to Party B. These services encompass event planning, coordination, and execution, including but not limited to:

  • Event concept development

  • Venue selection and management

  • Vendor coordination

  • Budget management

  • Guest registration and management

  • Marketing and promotion

  • Post-event evaluation and reporting

II. Service Deliverables

Party A shall deliver the following key milestones and deliverables as part of the services:



Event Concept Proposal

[Month, Day, Year]

Venue Selection & Booking

[Month, Day, Year]

Vendor Contracts

[Month, Day, Year]

Budget Management Report

[Month, Day, Year]

Event Execution

[Month, Day, Year]

Post-Event Evaluation Report

[Month, Day, Year]

III. Service Levels

  • Party A commits to maintaining open and regular communication with Party B throughout the event planning process.

  • Party A guarantees that all services will be performed in a professional and timely manner, meeting or exceeding industry standards.

  • Party A shall respond to all inquiries from Party B within 24 hours during normal business days.

IV. Pricing And Payment Terms

The pricing structure for the event management services is as follows:

Service Component


Event Planning & Coordination

$ [Price]

Venue Selection & Management

$ [Price]

Vendor Coordination

$ [Price]

Budget Management

$ [Price]

Additional Expenses

$ [Price]

A. Payment Terms

  • An initial deposit of [30%] of the total estimated cost is due upon the signing of this Agreement.

  • Progress payments are due as each milestone is completed.

  • Final payment, including additional expenses, is due upon successful event execution.

V. Duration Of Agreement

This Agreement will become effective starting from the Effective Date. Its validity will persist and stay in effect until such time that the event, including all services related to it, has been completed. However, the agreement might be terminated at an earlier date should such a situation arise.

VI. Terms And Conditions

This Sales Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Event Management Services outlines the commitment between [Your Company Name] (Party A) and [Client Company Name] (Party B) to deliver high-quality event management services. By agreeing to this SLA, both Party A and Party B commit to a collaborative, transparent relationship to achieve exceptional event outcomes, with mechanisms in place for regular review and adjustment of the agreement to meet evolving needs and expectations.

A. Confidentiality

Each Party involved in this agreement gives their formal consent and commitment to maintain the confidentiality of all information that is considered proprietary. They have agreed not to disclose, reveal, or make known such sensitive information to any third party - an individual or entity that isn't involved in this agreement. This will only be done if written consent is provided by the other Party involved in this agreement, giving permission for such a disclosure beforehand.

B. Termination

This Agreement permits that either Party involved is allowed to terminate said Agreement, in the event that an occurrence arises where the service levels persistently fail to meet expectations or standards, or a situation occurs where either Party has violated or infringed upon the stated terms of this Agreement. To carry out such a termination, a written notice must be provided, and this notice must be given no less than [Number] days prior to the proposed termination date.


This Agreement is hereby accepted and agreed to by:

Party A: [Your Company Name]


[Month, Day, Year]

Party B: [Client Company Name]


[Month, Day, Year]

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