Sales Assessment of Event Accessibility

Sales Assessment of Event Accessibility

Executive Summary

This assessment aims to evaluate the event accessibility strategies of [Your Company Name] to enhance inclusivity and maximize potential revenue streams from a diverse customer base. The document outlines our current accessibility provisions, identifies areas for improvement, and proposes strategies to enhance overall accessibility in alignment with the company's mission to provide exceptional service to all clients.


In the current business climate, event accessibility is not merely a legal requirement but a market expectation. Our commitment to inclusivity and diversity not only reflects our company values but also expands our market reach.

Current Accessibility Features & Market Analysis







Physical Accessibility

Entrances and Exits


All main entrances and exits are fitted with ramps and have automatic doors to facilitate ease of access for individuals with mobility challenges.

This table serves as a comprehensive overview of the current accessibility features and market analysis for [Your Company Name]. It is designed to provide a snapshot of our existing infrastructure and services while offering insights into the market trends that shape our strategies for inclusivity.

Customer Feedback

Feedback Source




Action Taken


"Ramps were helpful but need handrails."

Physical Accessibility


Handrails installation planned for next quarter.

Accessibility Checklist


Current Status



Automatic Doors

Wheelchair Spaces

To be increased

ADA Restrooms

Maintenance check

Website Accessibility

Quarterly review

Sign Language Services

To be implemented

Listening Devices

Additional devices required

Virtual Event Options

To be developed


  • Implement Sign Language Services: Partner with local agencies to provide interpreters.

  • Expand Virtual Event Options: Invest in technology to offer live streaming with captioning and sign language interpretation.

  • Increase Training: Provide staff with accessibility training to improve service quality.


[Your Company Name] has made significant strides in ensuring events are accessible to all. However, there is always room for improvement. By following the recommendations provided, we can not only comply with legal requirements but also lead the market in inclusivity.


This document serves as a comprehensive blueprint for enhancing [Your Company Name]'s event accessibility. For further discussion or to schedule a follow-up meeting, please contact [Your Name] at [Your Company Email] or [Your Company Number].

[Your Company Name] is committed to ongoing improvement and appreciates the collaborative effort in making our events accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


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