Sales Checklist for Pre-Trade Show Preparations

Sales Checklist for Pre-Trade Show Preparations

This checklist provides a detailed guide of tasks and actions that need to be completed before attending a trade show. It serves to ensure your company is prepared to take full advantage of all opportunities at the event.

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Pre-Trade Show Planning

Budget Allocation: Allocate funds for booth rental, marketing materials, travel expenses, and other necessary costs.

Select a Team: Choose and train a capable team to represent your company at the trade show.

Booth Design and Setup: Design an attractive and functional booth that aligns with your brand and messaging.

Marketing Materials: Prepare brochures, flyers, business cards, banners, and any other promotional materials.

Promotional Items: Decide on and order promotional items (pens, notepads, USB drives) to distribute at the event.

Pre-Show Promotion: Utilize social media, email marketing, and other channels to create buzz about your participation.

Logistics and Operations

Travel Arrangements: Book accommodations and transportation for the team attending the trade show.

Shipping: Arrange shipping for booth materials, products, and any other necessary items.

Utilities and Services: Order necessary utilities (electricity, internet) and any additional services required for the booth.

Permits and Paperwork: Ensure all necessary permits and paperwork are completed and obtained.

Booth Staffing Schedule: Create a schedule to ensure adequate staffing at the booth throughout the event.

Sales and Lead Generation

Lead Generation Strategy: Develop a plan for collecting leads and contact information from attendees.

Lead Capture Tools: Set up lead capture software or devices to gather attendee information efficiently.

Sales Pitch and Training: Train booth staff on the sales pitch, product knowledge, and handling inquiries.

Engagement Strategy: Plan interactive activities or demos to engage attendees at the booth.

Follow-Up Strategy: Outline a strategy for following up with leads post-event to nurture relationships.


Checklist Review: Review and finalize all aspects of the checklist before the event.

Emergency Kit: Prepare an emergency kit with essentials like first aid supplies, tools, and extra stationery.

Booth Backup Materials: Have extra copies of marketing materials and essential items in case of shortages.

Booth Etiquette Guidelines: Establish guidelines for booth conduct and professionalism for your team.

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