Sales Minute of Post-Trade Show Debrief


Date: April 10, 2050

Location: [Your Company Address]

Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM


[Your Name], Sales Director

[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]

[Name], [Job Title]

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Opening of the Debrief

The debrief session was initiated by [Your Name], who welcomed the attendees and briefly reiterated the purpose of the meeting: to analyze the outcomes of the trade show, gather insights, and identify strategies for nurturing leads and capitalizing on opportunities uncovered during the event.

Overview of Trade Show Participation

A. Objectives

[Your Name] provided a recap of the objectives for participating in the trade show:

  • To generate 150 quality leads

  • To increase brand awareness among attendees

  • To initiate partnerships with at least 5 potential [Your Partner Company Name]

  • To showcase the new [Event Name] product line

B. Achievements

[Name] presented the achievements, outlining that the team:

  • Garnered 200 leads, surpassing the target by 33%.

  • Engaged with over 500 attendees, indicating heightened brand awareness.

  • Initiated conversations with 7 potential partners.

Analysis of Trade Show Activities

A. Booth Performance

[Name] provided a detailed report on booth traffic, using data collected from badges scanned and engagement activities at the booth:

  • Average visitors per hour: 25

  • Total visitor engagements: 500

  • Lead capture rate: 40%

B. Lead Quality

[Name] presented the lead quality assessment:

  • 80% (160) of the leads were categorized as high-quality based on their purchasing power and expressed interest.

  • 20% (40) required further qualification.

Lead Follow-Up Strategies

A. Immediate Follow-Up Actions

[Name] proposed immediate follow-up actions for the leads:

  • Sending a thank you email within 48 hours to all leads.

  • Scheduling calls with high-priority leads within one week.

  • Distributing leads to relevant sales reps along with detailed notes from the trade show.

B. Long-Term Nurture Program

[Name] introduced a long-term nurture strategy to keep [Your Company Name] top of mind:

  • Monthly newsletter inclusion.

  • Invitations to upcoming webinars and events.

  • Periodic check-ins by customer relationship management.

Budget Review

A. Trade Show Expenses

[Your Name] presented a breakdown of the expenses against the budget:


Budgeted Amount

Actual Amount


Booth design and setup




Travel and accommodations




Promotional materials




Staffing and training












B. Return on Investment (ROI)

[Name] discussed the initial ROI based on the leads generated and the potential deals in the pipeline:

  • Estimated value of leads: $600,000

  • Cost per lead: $304.50

  • Potential ROI: 983%

Marketing Feedback

A. Trade Show Promotion Effectiveness

[Name] reviewed the effectiveness of trade show promotions:

  • Social media campaigns reached over 20,000 impressions.

  • Email marketing had an open rate of 32% and a click-through rate of 8%.

B. Audience Engagement

[Name] analyzed the audience engagement:

  • The new [Event Name] demo was attended by 150 participants.

  • The interactive sessions had a feedback score of 4.5/5.

Strategic Recommendations

A. Enhancements for Future Trade Shows

[Name] put forward strategic recommendations for future trade shows:

  • Invest in a larger booth space to accommodate higher traffic.

  • Utilize more interactive technology to showcase products.

  • Offer exclusive trade show discounts to incentivize immediate sign-ups.

B. Partnership Development

Jordan Smith suggested approaches for nurturing potential partnerships:

  • Arrange in-person meetings with the 7 potential partners within the next month.

  • Develop custom proposals highlighting mutual benefits.

Closing Remarks

[Your Name] concluded the meeting by thanking the team for their hard work and dedication, emphasizing that the insights and strategies developed during the debrief would play a crucial role in maximizing the trade show's return on investment. A follow-up meeting was scheduled for May 15, 2050, to review the progress of the lead follow-up strategies and partnership developments.

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Minutes distributed to: All attendees via [Your Company Email]

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