Lease Transfer Letter

Lease Transfer Letter

Edward Contreras
3304 Stone Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19103

September 1, 2070

Rendall Williams
4144 Stratford Drive
Hana, HI 96713

Dear Mr. Williams,

As of September 10, 2070, you will be the new tenant on the property. I am grateful for the opportunity to be in this position and for the consideration I received while managing the property.

This transfer means that you will now hold the position and the responsibilities that come with it. I want to assure you that this transition will be seamless, and I am ready to assist you during this period.

The property's lease terms and conditions will remain the same, and I am counting on your commitment to abide by them as the new tenant. I am looking forward to tackling this new challenge head-on and making a smooth transition for both of us.

Best regards,

Edward Contreras