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Sales Contract Termination Statement

Sales Contract Termination Statement

Subject: Termination of Sales Contract Agreement (Agreement ID: SC-123456)


This statement serves as a formal notification regarding the termination of the Sales Contract Agreement (Agreement ID: SC-123456) entered into between [Your Company Name] and [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party] on January 5, 2050. This action is taken in accordance with the terms and conditions stipulated in the original contract, specifically Clause 8.2, outlining the procedures for termination.

I. Grounds for Termination

A. Non-Compliance with Contractual Obligations

  • Payment Delays: As per the original agreement, payments were to be made within a 30-day window upon receipt of invoice. The payment for Invoice ID: INV-234567, dated August 22, 2050, remains pending.

  • Quality Concerns: There have been three documented instances where the products delivered by [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party] failed the quality checks, contradicting the 'Quality Assurance' clause of our contract.

B. Breach of Contract

  • Unauthorized Subcontracting: [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party] was found to have subcontracted services related to the core deliverables of the contract without prior approval, thus violating Clause 7.3 of the contract.

II. Financial Reconciliation

Invoice ID

Invoice Date

Payment Status

Amount ($)


Jan 15, 2050




Aug 22, 2050




Sep 30, 2050



Total Outstanding Amount: $21,000

Late Fee as per Contract (5% per month): $1,050

Total Amount Due: $22,050

III. Required Actions

A. Return of Goods and Assets

[Your Partner Company Name / Second Party] is required to return all remaining goods, assets, and confidential information pertaining to [Your Company Name] by December 1, 2050.

B. Settlement of Outstanding Dues

All outstanding invoices should be settled by December 1, 2050, including the total amount due of $22,050.

C. Contact Details for Final Procedures

  • Financial Reconciliation: [Your Name], [Your Email]

  • Return of Goods and Assets: [Your Name], [Your Email]

IV. Legal Implications

Failure to comply with these terms may result in [Your Company Name] taking legal action against [Your Partner Company Name / Second Party]. This could include but is not limited to legal claims or civil lawsuits, as laid out in Clause 9.2 of the original contract.

V. Acknowledgment of Receipt

Please acknowledge the receipt of this termination statement by signing below and returning a scanned copy to [Your Company Email] by November 30, 2050.

Your immediate attention to the above matters is expected and appreciated.

[Your Name]

[Your Company Name]

[Your Company Email]

Recipient Signature:

[Month Day, Year]

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