Sales Client Onboarding Agreement

Sales Client Onboarding Agreement

This Sales Client Onboarding Agreement (the "Agreement") is entered into on this day by and between [Your Company Name], having its primary place of business at [Your Company Address] ("First Party") and [Your Partner Company Name], with its primary place of business at [Partner Company Address] ("Second Party").

I. Definitions and Interpretation

A. Definitions

  1. "Services": Refer to the spectrum of sales and marketing activities undertaken by the Company, specifically aimed at growing the Client's customer base, increasing sales revenue, and enhancing market presence.

  2. "Confidential Information": Encompasses any information disclosed by either party that is not public knowledge and may include, but is not limited to, trade secrets, strategies, business plans, and customer data.

  3. "Statement of Work (SoW)": An in-depth document outlining the services to be provided, the methodology to be employed, and other specific details pertinent to this Agreement.

II. Scope of Services

A. Customization

The Services shall be adapted to meet the specific needs and challenges facing the Client's industry and market. Each customized service package shall be documented in a separate Statement of Work (SoW) agreed upon by both parties.

B. Subcontracting

The Company retains the right to engage third-party subcontractors to fulfill specific obligations under this Agreement. The Client's prior written approval shall be obtained for each subcontracting activity.

III. Term and Termination

A. Initial Term

The Agreement will commence on the Effective Date and shall remain in force for an initial term of 12 months.

B. Renewal

This Agreement may be renewed upon mutual agreement, through the signing of an Addendum that stipulates the renewed term and any associated changes to the Agreement.

C. Termination Clause

Either party retains the right to terminate this Agreement by providing 30 days' written notice to the other party. The notification must specify the reason for termination.

IV. Payment Terms and Fees

A. Fees

The fees for the Services shall be calculated based on the complexity, scope, and duration of the tasks, as explicitly described in the Statement of Work (SoW).

B. Payment Schedule

Payments shall be made on a quarterly basis, in accordance with the following schedule:


Payment Due Date

Payment Amount

Quarter 1

January 31, 2051


Quarter 2

April 30, 2051


Quarter 3

July 31, 2051


Quarter 4

October 31, 2051


C. Late Payment Penalties

Late payments shall incur a penalty fee of 5% per month on the outstanding balance.

V. Client Responsibilities

A. Data Provision

The Client is obliged to provide all necessary data, materials, and access credentials required for the Company to perform the Services. This includes, but is not limited to, customer lists, market research data, and sales reports.

B. Compliance

The Client must adhere to all relevant laws, regulations, and industry best practices in its business activities, especially those that relate to the Services being rendered by the Company.

VI. Company Responsibilities

A. Quality Assurance

The Company shall adhere to high-quality standards and best practices in delivering the Services. This includes routine quality audits and the issuance of performance metrics.

B. Regular Updates

The Company commits to providing the Client with detailed monthly performance reports, inclusive of key performance indicators (KPIs), challenges encountered, and future action plans.

C. Customer Support

The Company shall provide dedicated customer support through email, phone, and other agreed-upon channels to assist the Client in any queries or challenges they may encounter while using the Services.

VII. Confidentiality

Both parties vow to maintain the confidentiality of all information exchanged or encountered during the execution of this Agreement. Breach of this clause shall be deemed as grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement and may result in legal action.

VIII. Intellectual Property

Any and all intellectual property rights arising out of or related to the Services shall be the exclusive property of the Company. This includes methodologies, technologies, and documents created during the execution of the Services.

IX. Data Security and Compliance

The Company commits to adhering to all applicable data protection and privacy laws. This includes employing robust encryption techniques and firewalls to secure the Client's data.

X. Limitation of Liability

The Company's liability arising out of or related to this Agreement shall not exceed the total amount of fees paid by the Client in the last 12 months.

XI. Dispute Resolution

All disputes arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through arbitration, conducted in accordance with the American Arbitration Association (AAA) rules and procedures.

XII. Miscellaneous

A. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United States.

B. Amendments

Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by authorized representatives of both parties.

XIII. Execution

By affixing their signatures below, both parties acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions stipulated in this Agreement.

For the Company

[Your Name], [Your Role]

[Your Company Name]

[Your Company Email]

For the Client

[Client's Name], [Client's Role]

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