Sales Agreement Slip

Sales Agreement Slip

Please carefully review the details below, including product/service information, terms, and total due, to ensure accuracy and completeness. If you agree with the terms outlined in this Sales Agreement Slip, sign and date in the designated area to confirm your acceptance and proceed with the transaction.

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Client Name:

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Product/Service Details

Item No.



Unit Price

Total Price








Payment Terms

  • Payment Method: Cash

  • Payment Due: Payments are due within [XX] days from the date of invoice.

Delivery Terms

  • Delivery Method: Courier

  • Estimated Delivery Date: [Month, Day, Year]

Other Terms and Conditions

  • Products/services are sold under the standard terms and conditions of sale.

  • Any discrepancies in the product/service delivery should be reported within [XX] days of receipt.

  • Returns are accepted only for defective products/services as per the return policy outlined in the agreement.

Customer Acknowledgement

I, [Client Name], hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms of this sales agreement as outlined above. I understand that this agreement constitutes a binding contract between [Your Company Name] and myself upon acceptance.

Client Signature:                              

[Month, Day, Year]

Note: This Sales Agreement Slip is valid for [xx] days from the date of issue. Prices and terms are subject to change after this period.

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