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Sales Referral Agreement Outline

Sales Referral Agreement Outline

I. Introduction

A. Background

  1. Provide a concise background explaining the purpose of the Sales Referral Agreement.

  2. Clarify the nature of the relationship between the referrer and the referred party.

B. Parties

  1. Clearly identify the referrer, including their full legal name and relevant details.

  2. Clearly identify the referred party, including their full legal name and relevant details.

II. Agreement Terms

A. Referral Scope

  1. Define the specific products or services eligible for referral.

  2. Clearly outline any exclusions or limitations on eligible referrals.

B. Referral Fee

  1. Specify the percentage or fixed amount of the referral fee.

  2. Explain the mechanics of payment, including frequency and method.

C. Referral Process

  1. Describe the step-by-step process for submitting referrals.

  2. Establish a timeline for tracking and processing referrals.

  3. Specify communication channels for submitting referrals, ensuring clarity.

III. Responsibilities

A. Referrer's Responsibilities

  1. Define the role and responsibilities of the referrer in the referral process.

  2. Set guidelines for compliance with any specific requirements or standards.

B. Referred Party's Responsibilities

  1. Outline the responsibilities of the referred party in managing and converting referrals.

  2. Establish communication and follow-up procedures for efficient handling.

IV. Duration and Termination

A. Agreement Duration

  1. Define the initial period during which the agreement is valid.

  2. Optionally, provide details about renewal or extension options.

B. Termination

  1. Clearly articulate conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement.

  2. Establish a notice period and procedures for the termination process.

V. Confidentiality

A. Non-Disclosure

  1. Acknowledgment of the confidential nature of referral information.

  2. Agreement on non-disclosure and protection of sensitive data.

B. Confidentiality Duration

  1. Specification of the duration for which confidentiality obligations apply.

  2. Conditions under which confidentiality obligations may be extended or terminated.

VI. Governing Law

A. Legal Jurisdiction

  1. Specify the jurisdiction and laws governing the agreement.

  2. Designate an appropriate legal venue for dispute resolution.

B. Dispute Resolution

  1. Outline the agreement on the preferred methods for resolving disputes.

  2. Include also the Mediation, arbitration, or litigation options and associated procedures.

C. Legal Expenses

  1. Clarification of which party is responsible for legal expenses in case of disputes.

  2. Conditions under which legal expenses are to be reimbursed.

VII. Miscellaneous

A. Amendments

  1. Outline the process for making amendments to the agreement.

  2. Specify requirements for obtaining written consent for any changes.

B. Entire Agreement

Include a clause stating that the agreement constitutes the entire understanding between the parties.

VIII. Signatures


[Authorized Representative Name]

[Your Company Name]

First Party

Date: [Month Day, Year]


[Second Party's Name]

Second Party

Date: [Month Day, Year]

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