Sales Questionnaire on Contract Satisfaction

Sales Questionnaire on Contract Satisfaction

Dear Valued Customer,

At [Your Company Name], we constantly strive to improve our services and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Your feedback on our recent contract engagement is invaluable to us. Kindly take a few moments to complete this questionnaire to help us serve you better in the future.

1. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with our contract terms?

  • Very Satisfied

  • Satisfied

  • Neutral

  • Unsatisfied

  • Very Unsatisfied

2. Were the contract objectives clearly defined and met?

  • Yes, all were met

  • Most were met

  • Neutral

  • Few were met

  • None were met

3. How do you perceive the fairness of the contract pricing?

  • Very Fair

  • Fair

  • Neutral

  • Unfair

  • Very Unfair

4. Did our team communicate effectively throughout the contract duration?

  • Always

  • Often

  • Sometimes

  • Rarely

  • Never

5. How likely are you to renew the contract or engage in another contract with [Your Company Name]?

  • Very Likely

  • Likely

  • Neutral

  • Unlikely

  • Very Unlikely

6. Please provide any additional comments or suggestions to enhance our contract services:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. Your feedback is essential to our continuous improvement and ensuring that we meet your expectations in every engagement. Kindly return the completed questionnaire to [Your Company Email] or use the feedback portal on our website, [Your Company Website].

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