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Sales Resolution for Contract Renewals

Sales Resolution for Contract Renewals

WHEREAS, [Your Company Name], the (''Company") recognizes the importance of maintaining and enhancing business relationships with its valued clients;

WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary to renew certain sales contracts that are about to expire or have recently expired;

WHEREAS, the act of contracting is a significant part of the company's business and systematic contract renewals ensure both parties' mutual rights are still protected;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Directors of [Your Company Name] this [Month Day, Year], that:

  1. The Company shall promptly and judiciously handle the task of reviewing and renewing sales contracts with clients.

  1. The Sales Manager will be responsible for overseeing the renewal of all sales contracts, ensuring they align with both the company's and clients' current operational realities and business objectives.

  1. The Legal Team is authorized to negotiate contract terms where necessary, and where such negotiations lead to modifications in the original contract, obtain approval from the necessary internal authorities before finalizing the renewed contract.

  1. The Finance Department shall maintain a contract register, tracking all contracts due for renewal and provide regular updates to the board of directors.

RESOLVED FURTHER, that all actions previously taken by the officers and directors of the company in connection with sales contract renewals are hereby ratified, confirmed, and approved.

PASSED AND APPROVED this [Day] day of [Month], [Year].


[Chairperson's Name]

Chairperson, Board of Directors

[Your Company Name]


[Secretary's Name]

Secretary, Board of Directors

[Your Company Name]

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