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Sales Agreement Rubric

Sales Agreement Rubric

This Sales Agreement Rubric provides a precise framework for assessing the quality of sales agreements. The criteria, ranging from Excellent (4) to Needs Improvement (1), evaluates all aspects of sales agreements. Utilize this rubric to ensure quality evaluation, fostering the creation of precise, relevant, and legally sound sales agreements.






Satisfactory (2)

Needs Improvement (1)

Accuracy of Content

All details are accurate

Most details are accurate

Some details are accurate

No details are accurate

Relevance of Information

All provided information is highly relevant

Most information is relevant

Some information is relevant

Little to no relevant information


Covers all required areas

Covers most required areas

Covers some required areas

Does not cover required areas

Inclusion of Legal Terms

All relevant legal terms included

Most relevant legal terms included

Some relevant legal terms included

No relevant legal terms included

Cohesiveness and Flow

Exceptional cohesiveness and flow

Good cohesiveness and flow

Some cohesiveness and flow

Lacks cohesiveness and flow

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