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It is an honor to be asked by a competent individual to create a letter of reference for them. But if you aren’t so sure of what to write or don’t have enough time to craft a compelling letter of reference, then you need our ready-made Letter of Reference Short template! This well-written product is not only straight to the point, but it allows anyone editing this file to write about the subject’s work experience, personal qualities, and/or academic performance in the easiest way possible. Download now and you get your hands on a file that is highly customizable with the use of the available file formats this is compatible with. We guarantee your satisfaction with this template, so download now!

Letter of Reference Short



This letter is regarding one of your most recent applicants named [APPLICANT NAME], who applied for the [POSITION] position at your company, [COMPANY NAME] last [DATE 1].

[APPLICANT NAME] worked as a [POSITION 1] here at [COMPANY NAME 1] for [NUMBER] [WEEK/MONTH/YEAR]. [HE/SHE] is an individual whom we hold in the highest regard. [HE/SHE] is punctual, reliable, responsible, hardworking and dedicated. In addition, [HE/SHE] has also shown exceptional teamwork and leadership abilities as well as the ability to work efficiently under pressure.

Also, [APPLICANT NAME] has helped our company complete and achieve the following: [ACHIEVEMENTS]

I highly recommend this individual for the position [HE/SHE] has applied for. [HE/SHE] is definitely an asset to any company that will hire [HIM/HER].

I am available during the weekdays. For any further information or queries regarding the same, please feel free to call me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or email me at [YOUR EMAIL ID].




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