Making in-depth and precise template designs is made possible using our ready-made templates in Illustrator. Be adept in any operating software using templates in Illustrator since it works both on Mac or PC. Keep your designs at a constant resolution using vectors in Illustrator templates thus resizing any image or photo does not cause any distortion to the final work. Download our Business Brochures, Hang Tag Template, or Baby Shower Menu Template to get a feel of how your images do not lose resolution even when scaled to differing degrees. Our templates are available in A3 print sizes.

How to Frame Template in Adobe Illustrator?

Either you are making an invitation, resume or brochures, framing them in Illustrator might give you the perfection you want. It simplifies the process of setting and mixing the color combination and maintains the symmetry. It might feel like operating in this software would be difficult but it is not. We have specified how a template can be operated in the following steps:

  1. Select the required profile from File>New>New Document Profile.
  2. Name the document with any number or letter.
  3. Insert the layouts and artboards you need and arrange them in the order and form you want. Like in the grid by row, grid by column, arrange by row, arrange by column, or change to the right-to-left layout
  4. Default spacing both horizontal and vertical is also important in between the layouts or where required.
  5. You can specify a default size applicable to all the layouts and artboards.
  6. Keep the images ready in the scanned copies and space planned for pasting images and putting the icon.
  7. You can also apply filters with Color Mode and Raster Effects to give it a different look.
  8. If you want display devices on the web aligning new objects to the Pixel Grid can help. offers you thousands of well-structured, high-quality templates made in Adobe Illustrator. The templates cover a greater number of subjects in their frame. Try our different flyers, certificate, report, and other templates today and save your money and time.

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