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  • Sample IT Presentation Template

  • Small Business Flowchart Template

  • Travel Company Organizational Chart Template

  • Sales Department Organizational Chart Template

  • Marketing Plan Mind Map Template

  • Business Plan Pitch Deck Template

  • Product Presentation Template

  • Logo Presentation Template

  • Social Media Communication Strategy Mind Map Template

  • Event Planning Presentation Template

  • Decision Making Process Mind Map Template

  • HR Department Organizational Chart Template

  • Company Profile Pitch Deck Template

  • Corporate Pitch Deck Template

  • Digital Marketing Plan Mind Map Template

  • Social Media Pitch Deck Template

  • Marketplace Pitch Deck Template

  • Product Launch Roadmap Template

  • Project Proposal Presentation Template

  • Corporate Website Roadmap Template

  • Freelance Presentation Template

  • Modern Power Point Presentation Template

  • E-Commerce Pitch Deck Template

  • Project Delivery Roadmap Template

  • Online Courses Presentation Template

  • Food Startup Pitch Deck Template

  • Simple Marketing Mind Map Template

  • Editable Program Roadmap Template

  • Workflow Process Chart Template

  • Freelance Project Presentation Template

  • PowerPoint Timeline Template

  • Sample Work From Home Presentation Template

  • Investor Pitch Deck Template

  • Simple Real Estate Presentation Template

  • Geometric Pitch Deck Template

  • Simple Timeline Roadmap Template

  • Real Estate Company Profile Template

  • IT Audit Career Roadmap Template

  • IT Services Profile Template

  • Sample Real Estate Profile Template

  • Personal Roadmap Template

  • Elementary School Presentation Template

  • Sales Pitch Deck Template

  • Simple Sales Mind Map Template

  • Simple Pitch Deck Template

  • Sample Insurance Agency Organizational Chart Template

  • Sample Goals Roadmap Template

  • Restaurant Presentation Template

  • Digital Marketing Pitch Deck Template

  • Sample Remote Work Presentation Template

  • Free Google Slides Template, Printable, Download helps you make flawless and hassle-free presentations without the need for additional software with our free Google Slides Templates. Choose from ready-made documents, notebooks, photo albums, or calendar examples with minimalist, elegant, or floral design samples depending on your preference and audience. Easily add your logo, theme, background, layout, and other elements for strong branding emphasis.

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    Make different kinds of slides that you can present to your audience that are consistent with your branding requirements for fashion, business marketing, company promotions, corporate changes, music, game shows, or puzzles. Get editable templates in royal themes and colors that you can import into Google Slides for your presentation. All templates are free for downloading.


  • What is the difference between MS PowerPoint and Google Slides?

      Aside from the fact that the two are developed by different companies, PowerPoint actually has more features than Google Slides. However, Google Slides is web and cloud-based. This means that as long as you have access to the internet, you’ll have access to the app as well.

  • Does Apple support Google Slides?

      If you’re referring to the app itself, Apple devices support Google Slides. Simply open Safari or any web browser, log in to your Google account, and go to the Slides app.

  • Can you convert Google Slides files to PowerPoint?

      Yes, you can. How? When saving your work, simply export the file as a PPT file.

  • Can you make a video presentation on Google Slides?

      Unlike video editors, you can not make video presentations on Google Slides. However, you can assemble video clips and add them to each slide.

  • Can you save Google Slides projects for offline use?

      Yes. Google Slides has an export option to allow you to download your project for offline use. Additionally, you are even given the option as to what file format to use to export your work.