Back then, people used transparencies and films when presenting slides through a projector. While these still exist today, people today prefer to use projectors that are connected to their computers. Like PowerPoint and Keynote, you can also create slideshows and other kinds of projects using Google’s own Slides app. Give yourself a head start by using any of our Google Slide Templates, they’re high-quality and easily editable for your convenience. Another advantage you can get from these is that since Google Slides is cloud-based, you can access your projects anytime and anywhere. Make impressive presentations by subscribing to our templates!

What Is a Google Slide Template?

A Google Slide template is a predesigned project that allows a user to make Google Slide presentations without having to start from scratch. These templates are designed by professionals, and they already come with content that can be used or replaced by the user.

How to Make Google Slide Presentations

Indeed, people are better are retaining information if it is presented through visual elements. That’s what makes slideshows effective as a means of conveying ideas. If you need to make one in Google Slides, don’t hesitate to refer to our list of guidelines below for assistance.

1. Gather Details to Include in Your Presentation

Before you start working on your presentation, have you prepared your topic and the details that go with it? This should always be the first step, just like preparing the materials before making a project. Also, you might want to write these details down in a checklist to ensure nothing gets left out.

2. Familiarize Yourself with Your Audience

In order to tailor your content and design of your business presentation appropriately, you need to consider who you’re presenting it to. Who is your audience? What do they enjoy? And how can you keep them attentive? These are some essential questions to keep your presentation effective.

3. Divide the Topic into Multiple Sections

Since you’re making a marketing presentation, it’s very important to divide your topic into sections. Each slide should cover a specific section or subsection of the topic. This is to keep the audience from becoming overwhelmed with too many details at one time. This will also allow you to emphasize specific ideas for each slide.

4. Create Your Presentation in Google Slides

With the help of Google Slides, you can finally bring your creative project to life. Open the app, start a blank project, and add the necessary content. When creating your presentation, refer to the previous step to determine which topics belong to each slide.

5. Add Images, Graphics, and Visual Enhancements

Earlier, we mentioned the importance of knowing your audience to determine how you can get their attention. Based on that, you can start adding background colors and pretty clipart graphics to your presentation. However, don’t go over the top with it because it might divert your audience’s attention away from the topic.

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