Why use Template.net?

Template.net Offers Premium quality, Editable, Printable templates for Free, with thousands of templates from dozens of categories, Template.net aspires to help SMEs in their journey to success. Most of the templates include suggestive texts to help users edit the templates faster, so you will not have to start from scratch.

What do I get when I download free templates from Template.net?

Once you enter your email address on the Template.net page, template in choosen format will be sent to your email ID, along with other necessary details as applicable.

How much of the files are editable?

To begin with, Template.net offers fully customizable files that allow users to crop, resize, add images, replace fonts, or add graphic elements, colors, and text to the basic template.

What formats are available for template download?

Graphic templates are available in Illustrator, InDesign, iPages, Keynotes, Photoshop, Presentation, Publisher, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Business-related Documents and Templates available in MS Word, Google Docs, Excel, iPages and Numbers. The number of formats in which the files are available vary per template.

What can be done to the products downloaded from the website?

There are a few things that you can do with your download, among which are the following:

  • Download, edit, and customize templates as you deem necessary to fit your needs.
  • Use templates for personal and professional projects such as advertising collaterals and website design, among other things. Please read license policy here.

What are the limitations to the downloaded templates?

There are limitations to what you can do with your downloads, such as the following:

  • Sublicensing, selling, or renting any of the templates from the website, including their modified versions, is not allowed.

  • Distributing of templates is prohibited unless expressly authorised by Template.net

  • Including template from the website in an online or offline database or file is similarly illegal as stated under the license agreement.

  • Users are not allowed to offer Template.net designs, or modified versions of such templates for download.

  • Users cannot copyright templates and other products originally uploaded by Template.net. Please read license policy here.

Can the designs be used on other platforms?

Yes, the edited and customized templates can be used on other platforms. However, please take note that Template.net license permits users to display only modified documents. If you will need to display the templates for any other reason, please feel free to contact Template.net to obtain express permission.

What happens when I don’t receive the templates I downloaded?

There is no record of such thing happening at Template.net, however, in case of such mishap, please feel free to contact us.

How can attributions be inserted?

User must include the attribution on the final products you use our resources for.

For Digital media & Social Networks (websites, blogs, ebooks, newsletters, etc.)

Template.net recommends that website information be displayed as attribution below the template that has been used. If no such place for attribution exists, you may place it anywhere on the page where the product is available. Links should lead to the specific web page where template is available. Please remember the attribution must be always clear, visible and easy to find for the users.

Example: Business Meeting Invitation Template

For Printed elements or objects (posters, books, magazines, T-shirts, vinyl, flyers, etc.)

Template.net recommends that website information be displayed as attribution below the template that has been used. If no such place for attribution exists, you may place it on the printed object you will create. Example : If you're printing a book with template.net book cover, you can put the attribution on the cover itself or in credits page. The attribution must always be clear and visible to the user

Example : Book Cover by Template.net

Are there any limits for personal use of templates?

Yes, users are allowed only 50 copies for printing or digital sharing. Anything above, user will need to contact us for Extended license.

Are there software required to edit the products?

In the modification of any of the products, please make sure you are using the software version that is compatible with the files downloaded. For instance, PSD files should be opened and edited with Adobe Photoshop, Ai files uses Vector Edition programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Word files should be edited with Microsoft Word, while Microsoft Excel should be opened with Excel.

How can I edit file fonts?

Each zip file has its own associated font files. Simply install these files in their respective softwares to edit your downloaded template.

Is it okay to use Template.net products for commercial purposes?

Yes, but please read the license policy before doing so to avoid inconvenience.

Are Template.net files printable?

Yes. The website makes sure that we are up to par with industry standards to ensure high-quality printing for personal and commercial use. You can print at home or send for commercial printing.

Are all the products at Template.net available for free?

Yes, all templates are available to download for free. However, to avoid misuse and spam, it is in the interest of Template.net to set some limitations regarding the products on the website. To learn more, please ready our Terms and Conditions and License Policy agreements.