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[July 03, 2025]

[Lola Willis]
[Human Development Manager]
[Ciao Clinics]
[2091 Highpoint Drive]
[Washington, District of Columbia, 20005]

Dear [Ms. Willis],

I heard that your office, [Ciao Clinics], requires someone of my skills. Your advertisement told me that you were searching for an experienced [Dental Treatment Coordinator] that can work as soon as possible. I have been working as a [Dental Treatment Coordinator] for [thirteen years] now. I believe that I am in the position for this job and will be an exceptional addition to your team.

Although I have been working for [thirteen years] now, my most extended stay in a company was [nine years]. It was for my previous company, [Pacific Dental Services]. During my tenure in the company, I was responsible for the overall [B2C (Business-to-customer) relations]. These relationships include the loyal customers and those who are in the clinic for one-time operations only. By doing this, I ensure a constant stream of communication with them, which may lead to more profits and sales to any dental applications like dentures, bridges, or prosthetics — considering that the use of these applications are indeed necessary. I also am responsible from time to time to initiate contact and call or email the patients whenever they have a missed appointment. I ensure that the patients are given by the dentists and other staff the quality healthcare they deserve. Through my efforts, we have secured [high ROI] through these initiatives.

If ever this letter has piqued your interest, feel free to contact me at any time of the week through my contact information provided below. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your kind consideration.


[Veronica T. Edmonds]
[(202) 842-5564]
[[email protected]]

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