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[March 15, 2040]

[Fred Millington]
[Human Resource Development Manager]
[Greenfield College]
[769 Cherry St. Miami, FL 33125]

Dear [Mr. Millington],

I like to apply for the Academic Support Coordinator position advertised at []. I was a former Academic Support Coordinator at [Ravenwood University] for [4 years], and I gained my Bachelor's Degree in Education at [Redwood University]. I believe that I have the right education and the work experience to match it. 

Ever since I started as an academic coach, I dedicated myself to it wholeheartedly. I love coaching because it lets me pave the way for misguided students. It is a wholesome feeling to provide purpose and direction to them academic-wise. I have no difficulty in establishing rapport with the students because I have excellent interpersonal skills, and I am a good communicator. In my previous job, I have collaborated with the administrators and teachers on how to further improve the coaching system. 

Should you need additional information regarding my application, please don't hesitate to contact me through the email address or contact number I have provided below. You may call be from [Mondays-Fridays] between [8:00 AM to 5:00 PM]. Thank you very much.


[Camilla Derrick]
[(996) 468-9795]
[[email protected]]

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