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The Chief Librarian job advertisement that you posted at [Google for Jobs] suits my specifications and expertise. For the past [nine (9)] years, I have worked as a Chief Librarian for different schools. Through these, I have honed my expertise as a Chief Librarian and was hoping that I can transition them to your school, [Paramount Grammar School].

I am committed to providing empowerment to any age group that are patrons to the library to be critical thinkers and open-minded to possibilities. I worked for [ITHAKA], and my efforts focused on making sure that every library’s subordinates are heard. I represent both sides and connect them to have a mutual understanding between the two departments. I also worked at [Pequot Library], where I encountered diverse library patrons from different cultural backgrounds to different races. I have assisted them and provided high-quality library services that they deserve. Moreover, I also worked as a Chief Librarian at [The New York Public Library], where I annually allocate the library budget and documents every expense.

I am passionate about instilling the love of books to the students at [Paramount Grammar School]. If you agree that my educational background and working experience fit for your school, then do not hesitate to contact me at your most convenient time.

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