When you need to make plans for an upcoming event, having a program will be quite useful to keep guests and participants informed of the activities that will take place. This piece of reading material is perfect in birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, memorial services, golf tournaments, etc. To create a professional program templates, you may choose from our huge selection of 100% customizable templates that you can download for free! They're all print-ready, fully compatible, and easily editable in Microsoft Publisher, and they use beautifully-designed content including layout, text, artwork, and images. Since these templates are ready-made and can be customized within minutes, stop holding yourself back and start downloading one now to create an effective program!

What Is a Program?

In events and activities, a program is defined as a reading material that lays out the sequence of happenings in a particular event. It typically indicates the things that are going to happen along with the time and the name of the presenter or speaker. The purpose of using a program is to provide the guests and the organizers with an idea of what's going to happen and when they will happen, forcing the latter to be more conscious about the time.

How to Make a Program in Publisher

If you need some tools for putting together a program for a baptism, birthday celebration, reunion, or a safety training program, look no further because we're here to help you out. The simple list provided below will guide you throughout the process of planning an event and program, use it to your advantage.

1. Gather Information about the Event

Before you go straight to designing and writing your program, you should gather the basics first and write them in a sample list. Even if you've been tasked to personally organize the event, having a simple list templates of details ready can help you determine what needs to be included in your program. These basic event details should include the date and time, the topics that will be discussed, the duration of the event, the venue, and the people expected to attend.

2. Write a Draft of the Program

Another step that people usually overlook or take for granted is writing a draft, which is something that saves time and reduces the chances of committing errors. In a sheet of paper or any writing material, write the details based on your event plan and arrange them accordingly. Writing a draft will enable you to visualize the actual program and make changes to the flow of events if needed. If possible, get someone else involved when writing the draft, they can provide you with their opinion on what they think is best for the event.

3. Assign People to Different Areas of the Event

Speaking of getting other people involved, come up with a task plan and give assignments to people who have a part in the event. This is very applicable in business seminars and conferences wherein different topics are discussed by different people. This is typically done to make people aware of their part and to give them enough time to prepare for it. And after giving assignments, be sure to write their name on the draft that you've prepared in the previous step.

4. Make the Program in Microsoft Publisher

After collecting all the necessary details and writing a draft of the sample program, it's time to start making the actual program using Microsoft Publisher. Knowing that this desktop publishing software is capable of creating printed publications such as advertisement flyers and event posters, they're the perfect tool for creating event programs as well. Once you've got Microsoft Publisher fired up, start putting together the event details as listed in your written draft and make rearrangements to the order of events if necessary.

5. Enhance and Finalize the Design

Although a simple program design is already sufficient, adding a creative touch to it does help get the reader's full attention. By still using Publisher, you can set the layout's background and insert graphical elements to enhance the appearance of the program. And before you start producing copies of your printable program, be sure to go through all its content to determine if it needs further editing or if certain details need to be corrected. The same can be said with the design, evaluate it and decide if it's complementing the content and not overshadowing it.

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