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I am very interested in applying for the position of Medical Assistant Instructor in your respected institution. I have read the specifications in your advertisement, and I believe that my qualifications fit your requirements. I have been working for more than [ten years] in the medical field, and I am very confident that with my years of experience, I can do the job efficiently. 

I am currently working as a [doctor of medicine] with a specialty in [obstetrics and gynecology]. I am also a [licensed pathologist]. I had a previous background working as an assistant instructor at the [Department of Medical Science] of [Kingston University] for [one and a half years]. My duties included demonstrating laboratory routines to students and supervising them in phlebotomy practice with patients. I also taught them how to use medical equipment and how to detect accurately any discrepancies in laboratory results due to equipment malfunction. Using the methods I showed them, the students' performance has seen a tremendous improvement, which made a positive impact on their exam results.

Enclosed is my resume and a checklist of the teaching programs I've helped developed for [Kingston University] for your reference. If you have any further questions, please contact me. I am available at any time for an interview at your convenience. Looking forward to your call, and thank you very much. 



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