Hospital Patient Advocate Cover Letter

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As I heard of your hiring announcement for an excellent [Hospital Patient Advocate] such as myself, I felt compelled to send my resume for your careful inspection. I believe that my skills and qualifications will be a grand addition to your team in [Saint John Jones Children's Hospital]. 

My experience in the field is vast and long. I have been working in this field for around [thirteen years] now. [Four years] to [two different companies] while spending at least [nine years] in my current company, [Providence Health & Services]. Experience-wise, I am indeed an expert. My usual daily task within the company involves me representing different patients throughout the day. One time you might see me working here in [Saint John Jones Children's Hospital], while the next on another. Through the nature of my work, I was able to create critical relationships within the industry that made my document processes fast and efficient. Sometimes the work could be hectic that I need to be awake for more than twenty hours, but still, you will find me happily working. For my efforts, both patients and doctors appreciate me by telling me how blessed they are to have me as their patient advocate.

My words are not enough to tell you of my accomplishments in the area, but feel free to contact me for an interview within the week. You can reach me through my contact information provided below. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your consideration.



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