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I have heard of [St. Rodrick's Hospital for Psychiatry]'s desire to hire an additional [Hospital Coordinator], and I was overjoyed. You see, I have been working in the industry for quite a while now. I'd greatly appreciate it if my skills and qualifications will help me position myself for a job with your company. I believe that I will be an exceptional addition to your team.

Although my work in the industry started [twelve to thirteen] years ago, my time in the [Riverside Community Hospital] was the longest. I stayed with the medical institution for around [nine years]. During my tenure with them, I was able to do the usual work of a [hospital coordinator]. I coordinated between the hospital's schedule of operations and that of its patients. I was also able to aid in a lot of patient's treatments and therapy sessions. I created and sustained essential work relationships as well. People have commended me because of my reliable communication and diplomatic skills. My capability of being able to work under pressure became my biggest asset throughout my entire career.

If ever this letter has made you interested, feel free to contact me at any time within the week. You can reach me through my provided contact information down below. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your kind consideration. 



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