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I was pleased to hear that [Red Orb Hospital] is hiring for an experienced Hospital Supervisor. That said, I wrote this letter to inform you of my enthusiasm to apply for your supervisory job vacancy. I am confident that my prior experience as a Hospital Supervisor maximizes my chances to become a part of your supervisory workforce.

It's been [four (4)] years since I started my career as a Hospital Supervisor. Every day of my work, I monitored patient care operations, emergency procedures, and patient records keeping. I also ensured that my medical staff are briefed regularly of the standard hospital policies and regulations. When it comes to the replenishments and par stocking of medical supplies, I was always on it and made sure they are adequate at all times. Due to my willingness and drive to cure every patient, I constantly communicated with doctors, physicians, and lab scientists regarding their medical status. Ever since I was young, my passion was always to help those in need of medical attention. That passion led me to pursue a degree in [nursing], which ultimately helped me to become a Hospital Supervisor.

My phone number and email address are the best means to reach me for a job interview. I am available to respond to phone calls and emails from Monday to Saturday. I hope we will see each other soon and discuss the factors of this job vacancy. I appreciate your time, and I wish the best for [Red Orb Hospital].           



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