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Partner Marketing Manager Job Ad and Description Template

Partner Marketing Manager Job Ad and Description Template

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Job Role and Summary 

Partner Marketing Managers are individuals who are responsible for creating marketing and advertising efforts when a company or a firm creates a partnership with another entity. They ensure that all products developed and services provided are ones that cater to the targeted demographics agreed in the partnership. They are also responsible for handling all marketing operations that those in the partnership are involved in. 

A. Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Ensures that the company’s partners are aware of the marketing plan and of all operations
  • Creates, develops, and implements marketing strategies
  • Collaborates with the partnership product manager and the teams 
  • Communicates with the teams on analyst and public relations in regards to the marketing reach and brand awareness
  • Provides necessary input for the product manager and team to know what products may be improved or must be changed
  • Maximizes brand and product awareness through partner events and other avenues
  • Initiates case studies and research to make to improve public relations with the target market 
  • Trains and develops new recruits that will take part in marketing operations
  • Writes weekly and monthly reports for both partners companies 
  • Ensures that all procedures and operations comply with the partnership's agreed rules and regulations. 
  • [Specify Additional Duties & Responsibilities Here] 

B. Skills

  • Should be capable of leading and supporting a team of marketing and advertising
  • Must be knowledgeable in guerrilla marketing and other forms of advertising methods
  • Should have good oral and written communication skills and must have proper presentation skills
  • Must be goal-oriented, detail-oriented, and well-organized 
  • Should have great research and analytical skills for better understanding of the current marketing trends
  • [Specify Additional Skills Here] 

C. Qualifications

  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, or business management
  • Should have at least ten or more year experience working in advertising and marketing
  • Must be willing to work on a flexible schedule
  • [Specify Additional Qualifications Here] 

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