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Free Media Marketing Manager Cover Letter

Free Media Marketing Manager Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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[December 07, 2037]

[Matilde Travis]
[The Hiring Manager]
[The Store Next Door]
[734 NE Harry Potter Avenue]
[San Antonio, TX, 78235]

Dear [Ms. Travis],

When I spoke with [Dianne Fergusson], one of your trusted [store receptionists], she mentioned that you are looking for a well-rounded and experienced professional to fill in the vacant [Media Marketing Manager] position. I am submitting this cover letter to show my sincere interest to apply for the said position. I strongly believe that my skills, experience, and proven track record in [media marketing] will play a vital role in achieving your company’s goal of becoming the best [superstore] in the market.

Being able to hone and showcase my talent and expertise as a [marketing manager] for the past [7 years], I am positive that I can contribute greatly in helping the company grow and succeed amidst various market competitions. By developing and implementing a sound and innovative [marketing strategy], I have increased the customer's response rate of my previous company from [12% to 87% in just 14 months], resulting in huge profit growth from [$7M to a massive $33M] per annum.

For further details regarding my credentials, I have included my resume with this cover letter. If you wish to speak with me, do so anytime using my phone number and email address provided below. I am hoping for a positive response from you. Thank you for taking the time in considering my application.


[Marilyn A. Gurney]
[(812) 624-9524]
[[email protected]]

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