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[September 03, 2025]

[Justin Walker]
[Human Development Manager]
[Ministry for the Blind and Deaf, Inc.]
[2910 Watercreek Drive]
[Saugus, California, 91350]

Dear [Mr. Walker],

I am applying for your [Fundraising Volunteer] job vacancy. I have been a volunteer for this past [thirteen years], so I believe that my skills and experience in the field have fully positioned me for this job. I also think that I will be an exceptional addition to your fantastic team at the [Ministry for the Blind and Deaf, Inc.] Attached to this letter is my resume for your consideration.

I have spent these past [nine years] as a volunteer for the [Fidelity Investments]. During my tenure in the company, I was responsible for assisting the development staff in creating, developing and implementing fundraising events and strategies. I also assisted in promoting and marketing the tickets for these events. These actions also may include advertising the group and its sister organizations for further fundraising leads. I created and developed a master list and database of contacts for fundraising as well. Through these efforts, we were able to see around [five percent growth] on our contributions and donations after every event.

Although I still have much to include within this letter, I believe that they are better to be a part of our topic for the interview. So feel free to call me at any time within the week through my contact information provided. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your generous consideration. 


[Jeremiah M. McMasters]
[(661) 297-4997]
[[email protected]]

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