House Physician Cover Letter Template

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A respectable company like you posted a job posting at [Google for Jobs], stating that you are in need of a House Physician is a chance that you would not want to miss. I hastened to write this letter to apply for the position as I truly believe that I am qualified and would be a valuable addition to your medical team.

As your company, [Amity Pine Medical Group], is known for providing high-quality medical services, I am confident that my educational background and experiences fit for your company. I acquired my [doctoral] in [medicine] at [Utah State University] and started my career as a House Physician at [UNM Medical Group]. I have applied my knowledge and skills in subtly providing medical solutions. I take time to understand my patients and decide as to what medical treatment to apply when I worked at [Broadmore Senior Living]. I also handled and treated almost [150] in-house patients daily and have been exposed to the real deal to the medical field at [Aureus Medical Group], as I was their House Physician for almost [five (5)] years. Aside from these experiences, I am passionate and committed to saving lives by providing medical services to patients.

I am thrilled to the possibility of meeting you at your most convenient time for a further discussion as to what I can contribute to your company. Thank you for your time and effort.



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