SAP Architect Cover Letter

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I heard from a friend of mine that your company is urgently looking for SAP Architects. I checked on your company's social media page to confirm the information, which turned out to be true. I was delighted with the news since I'm currently unemployed and currently searching for a job as an SAP Architect. So I sent you this letter to let you know of my interest for the position.

For the past [six years], I have been working as an [SAP Architect] at [Etheridge Business Solutions]. In there, I extensively learned the on-field development processes of SAP systems. I was able to hone my skills in targeting key business components when designing SAP process road maps and pipelines. [Etheridge Business Solutions] already had existing SAP systems before I worked for them. And, I was amongst the responsible individuals in optimizing them together with other SAP architects and IT developers. In the long run, [Etheridge's] business operations became more efficient and were able to cater to client needs efficiently even to this day.

I gracefully left [Etheridge Business Solutions] with the intent to explore other opportunities, and I hope to accomplish that intent in your company. So if you deem me as a worthy applicant, you can contact me for a job interview at any time of your preference. My phone and email are constantly on the line. Thank you for your time, and I'm hoping to be a part of your workforce soon.



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