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Technical Evaluation Report Letter




I am writing this letter to inform your company that our office, [Robert’s E. Technolgy Archive and Digital Solutions (RETADS)], found that your network systems are not in accordance with the established standards within the current market. For this reason, we concluded the cause for your current predicament, which is your slow and unsteady internet connection and network links. Listed below are some of the factors that cause this problem:

Outdated Software and System
Limited Network Space
Outmoded Hardware

In regard to these factors, we believe that purchasing at least one new modem for your corporate network can greatly alleviate this problem. Although purchasing, installing, and updating your whole set up is the best way to go. However, if it is still impossible to do this, doing some minute changes can greatly help your network so that you can do your business still. 

Also, If you want to know what triggered last Saturday’s sudden shutdown, we have done an analysis and found that it was [Polar Systems and Drive]’s latest update that caused that shutdown. This is not unusual, as your current networks’ system is not compatible with the current set up of the [PSD]. So, if you require [PSD] in your work, we greatly encouraged you finishing all the changes the soonest.

I hope we have given you the answers and the report you were looking for. If you have further questions you can contact us at [678-939-7190]. Thank you for your generous consideration.

Respectfully yours, (or any closing spiels)


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