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I Highly Recommend (Person) Template

I Highly Recommend (Person) Template in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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Good day!

It is my pleasure to recommend [APPLICANT NAME] for the position of [POSITION] at your company [COMPANY NAME].

Working with [APPLICANT NAME] at [YOUR COMPANY NAME] was a pleasure. An outstanding and intelligent employee, he has made a name for himself in the workplace as an efficient, determined, professional and hardworking individual. He possesses the ability to do what is asked of him and achieves project deadlines.

[HE/SHE] is an exemplary team player, is cooperative, mature and respectful toward [HIS/HER] team members.  [APPLICANT NAME]  has an easygoing nature. There were no problems in his relationship with his co-workers. 

[APPLICANT NAME] was considered an asset to us, you can rest be assured that he will make a great addition to your team at. I am sure that [HE/SHE] will be able to exceed your expectations as he did with us. I am happy to endorse [HIM/HER] as a highly skilled and fully committed employee and I trust you’ll be highly satisfied [HIS/HER] performance should he be hired to work for your company organization.

Should you have any further inquiries about [APPLICANT NAME], do not hesitate to contact me at [YOUR PHONE NUMBER] or send me a message at [YOUR EMAIL ID].




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