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How to Create Gantt Chart in Apple Numbers

It is essential for any organization to promote ideal productivity in the workplace. That's why, if you're a manager, company owner, or project coordinator and want to have a planner about the operations or maintain track of separate projects at the same moment, creating a Gantt chart is a pleasant way to do it. A Gantt chart enables executives, teams, and organizations to see every single task they need to accomplish and their corresponding timelines. In this article, we will be exploring what a Gantt chart is, how it is used in different areas, and how it can one readily be created using our very own Gantt Chart Templates using Apple Numbers. So get your brain cells ready as we share all of these in the following easy-to-digest chart hacks!

1. Make Use of Apple Numbers

You can generate beautiful spreadsheets with Apple Numbers, which include impressive chart tables and pictures. You can even add helpful diagrams and colorful illustrations to your iPad using Apple Pencil plus your team can work together with real-time collaboration, whether on Mac, iPad, or iPhone or using a PC. You can start in Number a blank canvas, so you have the freedom to add, resize, and any styles you want on your project plan table.

2. Download Gantt Chart Template Online

Now that you already have the app you need, it's time for you to download a printable and editable sample chart templates here in Template.Net if you want to have a basis or guideline. Downloading a Gantt chart template will also help you save more time in designing from scratch. We offer you a lot of templates that will help you in your event planning for your construction, research proposal, project schedule, and a lot more. Just click one and edit it using Apple Numbers.

3. Apply Appropriate Color Scheme

Choosing a complementary color in your simple chart is a vital element. Why? Because this enables to distinguish all the text and design components on the graph. The best simple charts are mostly those that don't use color as a crutch but instead use it to assist improve or enhance the document.

4. Add Labels

Adding clear labels or headings make an efficient basic chart design in addition to a subtle color palette. This tip applies to any chart as well. Make sure all of your basic chart's columns and rows are correctly labeled because, in that way, it helps readers to comprehend and connect to the basic chart that they see. Also, the graph will look more appealing to look at.

5. Create a Task List

A printable Gantt Chart also stands as a monthly calendar or weekly planner for your upcoming project, program, conference, and other marketing schedules. That is why if you want to make the chart successful, create a list of all possible duties or criteria to be performed or fulfilled to accomplish a specific objective. You need to be meticulous in listing this stuff when producing a chart, as they are the factors you and your team will need to do before you can carry out the next assignment. A list of tasks implies you are focused and committed to a project with its timeline.

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