How to Make a Graduation Invitation in Microsoft Publisher

Learn how to make beautiful invitations for graduation events by going through our instructions below. Whether you're creating a high school or college graduation invitation, these instructions can greatly help you out.

1. Determine How Many Guests to Invite

The first thing that you will need to do when creating a graduation invitation is by determining how many guests you're expecting to attend. This can be done very easily by making a guest list, and you can even do it handmade for now just to give you an overview of the number of guests. Another advantage of preparing a guest list is it also helps in determining how you can design your invitations based on the preferences of the invited people.

2. Write a List of the Details of the Event

Although you already have in mind the details regarding the graduation ceremony as well as the reception party that you're putting together, write them down and keep the list handy. By doing this, you're ensuring that you won't leave out any of the information when you're starting to add the content of your invitation cards. Just like the previous step, simply prepare this by hand since it'll only serve as your guide.

3. Open Microsoft Publisher

This is where things will start to get exciting since you can finally use a desktop publishing application to design your graduation invitations. Double-click Microsoft Publisher's icon to load up the software, click File to expose a drop-down menu, and then select New. From there, you can choose from any of the presets available, and there are presets for different occasions. On the other hand, you can also choose to make your invitations from scratch.

4. Start Designing your Graduation Invitation

To continue where you left off, now you can start adding art or images to your new publication, you can even add a photo of the graduate if you like. However, use graphics sparingly as it might clutter the layout of your event invitations, only add those that are relevant or necessary. In addition to this, you can also apply simple yet creative borders and a unique background color or pattern to help enhance the look of your formal invitation card.

5. Add the Details of the Graduation Event

After creating the design of your elegant invitation, you can refer to your list of details and start adding them by utilizing the rest of the publication's space. This is the reason why we made it a point to use images sparingly because there has to be enough room for the text. Although you can always place the text over the images, it is better and more legible to place them on a space not yet occupied by any graphics.

6. Design an RSVP Card, if Needed

In most formal events such as wedding ceremonies, business conferences, and grand openings, an RSVP card is always required. This helps in giving the organizers an idea whom among the invited people can make it and then make adjustments based on the number of confirmed guests. While this is not required in casual invitations, it is considered a best practice to do so nonetheless.

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