The essence of help could benefit you in so many ways, such as gaining respect and trust from others. There will come a time when support will be needed from you. It could come in so many different ways. This includes helping a friend get a job or get into college. When this time comes, all you will need to do is write a formal letter to help them. You'll never know when this time comes. So, prepare by grabbing a copy of our free, downloadable, professionally written Recommendation Letter Template In Google Docs. This will guide you in effectively writing yours. Don't be too hard on yourself and don't write the letter from scratch. Take the ease and secure a copy for yourself. 

How To Create A Recommendation Letter in Google Docs?

It is essential to provide a certain level of trust when it comes to applications. This is what a recommendation letter does; it increases the level of trust of an applicant. This is primarily needed when a reliable person knows a person so much that they can write a recommendation letter for the applicant. This letter should always contain positive insight. However, this letter could take so much of your time to make without a guide. More so, we made an excellent guide to help you get through this process. Open whatever device you have, go to Google Docs, and follow the preceding steps below.

1. Know The Person

You don't want to give reference to a person you are not comfortable giving one. If you know that the person will not fit for that job position, be ready to say no to them politely. Doing this will only sacrifice your time.

2. Get All The Information

The best way to have this step successful is by asking the person you are composing the letter for a copy of their resume. Since the resume contains all the possible career-related information such as work experiences, educational background, qualifications, references, and abilities. Always remember that the purpose of this letter is for employment, that is why you need to make the mood as positive as possible. The more information you have, the more the substance you can write for that person in your letter.

3. Organize All The Information

Now that you have all the necessary information for the letter, you need to organize these appropriately. All you need to do is to select the information that could be helpful for that person in getting the job. Find the most marketable assets fitted for the type of work you are referring that person to. Arrange the information chronologically, from the most important to the least important detail. This way, the recruiter will be able to navigate through the letter quickly. The very first part of the letter should mention its purpose. The next parts should be that person's qualifications. Also, don't forget to include a conclusion paragraph for the whole proposal.

4. Choose A Simple Letter Format

The convenience of the recruiter while reading the letter is vital. You want him to read on throughout the entire document. That is why you need to choose the most simple letter format and select a clear font style. So that he can easily understand it. This step can also help you in organizing your letter. You can also visit our Ready-Made Letter Templates that have simple formats that you can easily follow.

5. Finalize and Proofread

After you are done writing the letter, make sure to thoroughly proofread it before submitting. This will help the document be free from errors. Read through it once or twice and you can guarantee that it will enhance the quality of the writing. You want to make it as professional sounding as possible. Make sure to visit our Printable Letter files to make sure your free from errors.

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