How to Make a Restaurant Invoice in Google Docs

Whether your restaurant has a theme that’s Thai, German, or Italian, invoices are essential when providing services other than the usual meal. As explained by Investopedia (an online resource for finance), invoices are important business documents presented to customers upon billing them for your goods and services. Therefore, any kind of restaurant (or similar establishment) benefits from utilizing invoices.

Not familiar with how restaurant invoices are made using Google Docs? No problem--simply read through our tips (below) and you’ll be set in no time!

1. Format Your Restaurant Invoice’s Layout

Since an invoice is a commercial document, it’s crucial that it has a professional look for clients and customers to see. After you get a new blank page open in Google Docs, set your margins to 1 inch in length. Make your adjustments by click-dragging the blue handles and grey bars in the rulers (found above and to the left of your page’s space).

2. Enter Your Restaurant Invoice’s Title and Logo

The first bit of content is your invoice’s title. When deciding on what title to enter, think about making it brief yet fairly descriptive. Consider “Hotel Restaurant Hosting Invoice” or “Party Food Catering Invoice” as examples to follow.

Besides the title, there’s also the matter of your restaurant’s logo. In the same upper area, insert the image into one of the corners.

3. Apply a Grid Table to Your Restaurant Invoice

Your invoice’s primary section is for detailing the ordered goods and services (like the payment estimates, hourly rates, additional tax, etc.). To put this together, go to Insert > Table and then choose the cells’ arrangement by moving your mouse cursor. Edit the cells’ size format by click-dragging any of its lines.

4. Enhance Your Restaurant Invoice’s Look and Function

With your invoice almost ready for use, adding a bit of color is good for both its aesthetics and readability. For example, color-code your table’s contents by selecting a cell and then clicking on the “...” icon on top. Next, click on the paint bucket icon and choose your preferred color.

Have you gone through all of our tips yet? Now that you’ve read our advice, making a restaurant invoice from scratch is no longer a big deal! Finally, if you need editable samples for your invoice creation, do consider using any of our Restaurant Invoice Templates!

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