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Recommendation Letter for Colleague

Recommendation Letter for Colleague in Word, Google Docs, PDF

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Recommendation Letter for Colleague

[Sender Complete Address]


[Name of Recipient]
[Name of Institution]
[Complete Business Address]

Dear Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. [Last Name],

I would like to recommend [Name] without reservation for the position of [Position] at [Name of Company]. I have known [Name] to be a creative colleague who has a work ethic unparalleled in the office. He is willing to do whatever it takes to solve a problem and does not stop until he comes up with the best solution.

For the [N] years of his time at [Name of Company], he has been one of the significant contributors to the company’s growth. Our supervisors have all their trust in him in his product development skills and his creativity in finding new ways for growth. He has the guts to try out new approaches and never considers failure as an end but rather an important precursor to success.

As his co-worker, [Name] is also generous of his time and expertise. He makes time to train new hires as well as give support and encouragement to senior workers.

I would be happy to answer any questions regarding [Name]’s qualifications. You may reach me any time on my number [Number] or email me at [Email].

Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead.

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