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Recommendation Letter For Colleague Promotion

Recommendation Letter For Colleague Promotion in Word, Google Docs, PDF

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Recommendation Letter For Colleague Promotion


[Name of Letter Recipient]
[Recipient Title/Position Name]
[Complete Company Main Office Name]
[Complete Main Office Address]


I am writing you this letter to recommend my colleague, Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. [NAME OF EMPLOYEE], to be promoted for [JOB TITLE/POSITION] at [COMPANY BRANCH NAME]. 

Mr. /Ms./Mrs. [EMPLOYEE SURNAME] has proven himself/herself to be a qualified candidate for such position with his/her dedication and commitment to his/her work under the company for about [N] years. He/She knows every nook and cranny on the company’s production process as well as the proper procedures in delivering the quality of (products, services) to clients which is the main goal and objective of the company.

Not only is he/she dedicated to his/her work, Mr. /Ms. /Mrs. [EMPLOYEE SURNAME] is also an approachable colleague. He/She is easy to talk to whenever a problem arises in the (sale, delivery, production). Coming up strategies for the company is a piece of cake whenever he/she is present at the meeting. I believe that his/her skills and capabilities are what [COMPANY BRANCH NAME] needs to continue to prosper and to grow in the years to come. 

If you have any more questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me using [CONTACT DETAILS]. I will gladly offer you the additional information you need. 


[Name of Letter Sender]
[Sender Title/Position Name]
[Complete Company Branch Name]
[Complete Company Branch Address]

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