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To Frank Busby,

Good day!

Please do accept this application letter along with my resume as I apply for the position of consulting analyst in KM Enterprises. I am an experienced consulting analyst with ten years of working experience. I also have a Master’s degree in Business Administration as a way to show my quali cations for the job profession I am applying for in your company. I will be delighted to be one of your consulting analysts by showcasing a checklist of my past working experience.

During my ten-year experience of working as a consulting analyst, I have performed my duties by adequately analyzing the problems given in my past companies and providing a proper solution to resolve the issue. I display appropriate interpersonal and communication skills so I may interact with the stakeholders and my team and company manager to x the problem immediately with the implementations I have provided to change the company for the better. I make sure the issues presented to me are solved effectively and assure that my business implementations will be bene cial for both my colleagues and clients. I have also familiarized myself with the multiple software programs used in my line of work as a way to get all the necessary documents ready and be submitted on the day it was requested. I also show a strong sense of leadership to help guide the company, using my knowledge to educate the employees and clients on the bene ts of change and improvement. I am con dent that I am quali ed for the position of consulting analyst in your company. I look forward to hearing about your updates and do not hesitate to contact me regarding your feedback about my employment.

You contact me through email at [email protected]. I am available at any time if you want to have an in-depth discussion with me regarding my job application. May you keep in touch with me and hope to hear from you very soon.


Elizabeth Penland

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