Cognos Business Analyst Cover Letter

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I saw your job advertisement last [ADD DAY] while talking with my sister about a certain movie on Netflix. Without hesitation, I immediately looked at your qualifications and submitted the requirements for this job hiring. Rest assured that the skills that I’ve acquired from my previous experiences are enough for me to be part of your team.

My experience as a [SPECIFY JOB] for [ADD YEARS] at [SPECIFY COMPANY] gave me the skills that helped me grow as a person that I am today. Most of the things that I’ve done were more on analysing the financial status of the company including financial forecasting and making reports about these concerns. I’ve also made several documents using COGNOS and with that comes convenience and efficiency in my workload. For more inquiries about how I am able to use the software as a software for my past company, you can refer to my resume for more details.

I am excited to share my expertise as a business analyst using COGNOS in your team and most especially in your company. If given the chance to be qualified, I promise to do the indicated duties in your job description and I also promise to grow as a better person and a better member of the team. Furthermore, you can contact using the contact details indicated in my resume and you can also contact me from [ADD DAYS] at [ADD TIME].






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