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Marketing Account Manager Cover Letter

Marketing Account Manager Cover Letter in Word, Google Docs, PDF, Apple Pages

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[November 23, 2062]

[Mary R. Flannery]
[Human Resource Manager]
[Top Tier Solutions]
[2825 Modoc Alley]
[American Falls, ID, 83211]

Dear [Ms. Flannery],

I want to inform you that I am enthusiastic about being a Marketing Account Manager for [Top Tier Solutions], a position recently vacated in your company. My skills, knowledge, and experience in marketing would surely help your marketing accounts garner success in selling your products and services. That said, I am eager to work as your next Marketing Account Manager if granted an opportunity.

For the past [seven years], I have been a [Marketing Account Manager]. I worked for [three prestigious companies] and was able to contribute significant accomplishments to each of them. I helped them to increase their revenue due to the marketing strategies I implemented. Before I create strategies for marketing, I always conduct a thorough analysis of the products and services and the behaviors, trends, and demands of the market demographic. Subsequently, the products and services I marketed earned [dense client traffic], and ultimately produced [vast sums of profit]. I will make as a primary goal to do the same for [Top Tier Solutions] if you would have me as your esteemed Marketing Account Manager.               

I am currently awaiting a job interview invitation from you through my phone or email address. So if you're considering my application, by all means, contact me at your most convenient time, and you can expect a prompt response. I thank you in advance for this opportunity, and I'm hoping to meet and discuss it with you soon. 


[Mary S. Harrell]
[(434) 813-1223]
[[email protected]]

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