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Consumer Marketing Manager Cover Letter

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[December 01, 2058]

[Margaret Wilson]
[Hiring Manager, Marketing Department]
[4095, Wexford Way]
[Columbia, SC, 29210]

Dear [Ms. Wilson],

In response to your job posting at [LinkedIn], having the elevated skills and expertise in planning and executing innovative consumer-based marketing and advertising, I am writing to apply for the available Consumer Marketing Manager position at your company, [Petalimited Group].

As I possess a [bachelor’s degree] in [business administration major in marketing] with a [ten (10)] years of experience as a Consumer Marketing Manager, I have acquired and developed skills and abilities that are crucial for the position. I have acquired and applied my knowledge in SEM to [Meredith Corporation] that spearheads a [25%] increase of consumers due to social media marketing. I have planned and created more consumer-based marketing strategies for [Chase and Hunt Consultancy] that drive the growth of their service for up to [32%] and their increase in revenue up to [$200,000]. Moreover, [DFS Group] was ranked as [2nd] in the consumer-based ranking with over [a million] consumers [annually] due to my marketing approaches. 

Please accept this letter and enclosed resume as an application to the position. For a more detailed presentation with regards to what I can offer for your company, do not hesitate to contact me and set a meeting at your most convenient time.


[Lacie Musgrove]
[(919) 354-4866]
[[email protected]]

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